Prior to the advent of internet social media contests, the biggest thing I won randomly was a set of towels at my 1st grade school carnival, and I was THRILLED. It may or may not frighten you to know that I still own some of them. But man...I just won something REALLY REALLY SO much better than towels: an Epiphone Limited Edition 50th Anniversary "1961" Casino TD guitar, signed by VERY MEGA-COOL YET WHITE-HOT guitar blues-blast machine/man, Reignwolf (aka Jordan Cook)!! Right before Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party, a big annual festival known for awesome bands and general insanity, a verrrryyyy interesting tweet came by as I was perusing my Twitter stream: a contest to win the above guitar, courtesy Epiphone, Gibson Seattle, RockSmith video games, and the CHBP. What the heck, I said to myself, I'll enter, just takes a sec, and BAM! In the most random of randoms, I ended up winning! WHAT? REALLY? Well, YAY!

It took a little time to work out schedules for pickup and shipping from Nashville and Jordan's availability to wield the Signing Sharpie, but today I went into Belltown to the sweet vintage-brick offices of Gibson Seattle and THERE IT BE! It's simply a beautiful guitar, very light to hold but with a distinctly crunchy tone that will be a great addition to the instruments that I torture...er, play.

I'd like to remind you that John Lennon played an original Epiphone Casino. Remind you HARD!

Thank you again to everyone, and that if you haven't already checked out Reignwolf, DO IT! The buzz on him here is incomparable, and I can tell you that he is really something special. Don't miss the chance to see him perform live!

(Reignwolf, Starbucks Stage, Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival, 9/3/12, photographed by yours truly, ME, Owner of Cool Guitars)