Forgive the lateness of my post today -- long day of travel from Florida back to Seattle-ish. All family members are now tucked in to their beddies at this hour of the night, except for Mama, who can be found processing photos and smiling at a glowing laptop. Rob, Kenny, and Pete make up Hollywood, Florida's very own garage punk rock n' roll band, The 33 1/3s, and I had a blast seeing them play in a tiny local bar with family and friends cheering them on. I had rehearsed with them earlier in my trip and was very timidly thinking about singing the Who's "I Can't Explain" as a Guest 33 1/3, but my hacky cold and nerves got the better of me. I got two dedications from the stage, which made me all verklempt and undoubtedly confused the crowd, which is always a good thing. I did bring my camera, if not my nerve, so I bring you these photos, and now will fling myself into my own beddy, with a huge sigh.

(The 33 1/3s Flickr set)