Today's outing on our family vacation to South Florida was to the grand and gorgeous Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami. The estate was built in 1916 by Very Rich Person James Deering, and is now owned by Miami-Dade County and is an official National Historic Landmark. On this beautiful President's Day afternoon, we found the grounds not only lovely, but seriously taken over by young girls celebrating their QuinceaƱeras in fancy formal gowns, models, and brides surrounded by packs of pro photographers and their erstwhile assistants holding reflectors and other gear. It was easier getting around the interior of the mansion with all the ropes and gates and no-no touch signs that the huge grounds for trying to avoid stepping in shots! Wild.

Anyway, another no-no was any photography inside the estate, so me and the point n' shoot were relegated to the great outdoors. Click on any photos to enlarge and please to enjoy!