I think I'm a pretty creative person, but there are definitely areas where my skills show a deep, near-total lack. Anything fine motor, oh, just forget it. I can't sew, knit, crochet, craft, scrapbook, sculpt, draw, or paint. I am not very overburdened with any design talent, and I have the patience of a cranky toddler. Yet these deficits did not in any way detract from my having a delightful time at the Adult Lego Party I attended last night. 

What a clever idea for a party! We came in and were treated to Dave's delicious homemade deep-dish pizza and fresh pineapple, and a bevy of beverages. Then it was out to the garage, beautifully converted into an awesome rec room. I have never, ever seen so many bins of impeccably sorted Legos in my life. I made a decision early on in the evening not to act moose-like and accidentally knock them over or run into the massive Lego tower in the corner, and kind of stuck to a corner of the room, enjoying the conversation and watching the different styles of building. There were serious Lego people, completely absorbed in epic works, there were the Artsy Free-Forms, and the I Need Instructions, Please folks. Me? I played with the figures, was thrilled to find a single Lego chicken, and took a few photos.

Thank you hosts Shelly, Andrew (and Dave) for a fun night!