Well, OF COURSE it would NEVER HAPPEN that I would have a family vacation without someone getting sick! Winding down from Bruise Cruise here in Florida, I immediately came down with a cold, and poor MissNine has an even worse one, fever and all. She even threw up in the rental car parking lot late last night, which I think is totally fair because the company didn't have the car model they SPECIFICALLY GUARANTEED US. Take THAT! So rather than jaunting about all merrily in the sunshine today, we had a very low-key day. I finished up my photos and sent them off to the station (I will let you cats know when they are up), everyone (else) slept late, we went out briefly for brunch and a trip to Wal-Mart (shudder), and ate dinner in the hotel room.

When I opened up the hotel curtains this morning, MissNine, instead of shutting the curtains, put on her sunglasses and went back to sleep, gangsta-style.

Our hotel is way nice. 

I'm not even Jewish and I know that really decent chicken soup cures what ails you, so we went to a delicious local deli, Sage Bagel & Deli, and nommed.

I'm not paying 28 bucks for any hotel continental breakfast (28 BUCKS! FOR A DANISH AND SOME COFFEE! NO!) so I donned a Hazmat suit and braved Wal-Mart to get some muffins and juice and coffee and cold medicine, which surely would be 100 dollars a bottle at the gift shop.

With a dose of cold medicine in her, MissNine felt up to taking a short dip in the pool.

Now all is quiet, save for the tap tap tapping of two laptops, the buzz of a text message coming in, and the snorty sounds of MissNine's stuffy nose as she sleeps in a puffy cloud of white sheets, pillows, and comforter.