(I woke up this morning to find this in my email inbox. I hope all of you are fortunate enough have a friend like this in your lives. Amazing. PS. Stacy didn't mention that I commandeered her son's room, probably gave her entire family a cold, that I take an hour or more to get ready to do anything, and constantly whined about coffee. We must keep some balance here.)

The Internet Friend
by Guest Poster Stacy B.

There are many many reasons why having my internet best friend become one of my real best friends has improved my life, but i thought i would create a stream of consciousness list to eleven about Marianne, so you can understand her better. You see, most blokes, you know would make a list to ten. But for Marianne Sp we need that extra push over the cliff…

1. Within 3 minutes of meeting Marianne she said to me, "Look at my motherfucking hair!" Best Friends Foreva as the kids say.
2. I have witnessed Marianne Sp sleeping in a suspended crib on the Good Ship Bruise Cruise. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
3. We have experienced together the joy of the greatest Pina Colada ever made on the Bahamian Island of Nassau. Even as close friends I don't think either one of us would have shared one sip with the other. In fact, if she tried, I would have scratched her eyes out.
4.There is not one hour of the day that one of us is not up. I am an obnoxiously early riser and she never goes to sleep, so, we are watching and taking care of the world for all of you. Sleep soundly knowing that.
5. If you ever fall down drunk near us, even if we only hear you fall, we will both laugh until someone pees.
6. Her children are a dream.
7. She is the hardest working photographer in rock and roll, even as a photographer myself I don't feel the need to bring my gear…she's got it covered.
8. Even though she's a big badass, her midwest comes shining through. We may not cut in line, even when we HAVE TO GET OFF THIS BOAT!
9. I AM the designated driver!
10. We will both never wear a bikini! Also, we are both not into Girls, although I love the band!
11. One day, me and my friend will RULE THE WORLD!

Now go out and find your own internet friend!

(photo by Monica McGivern)