It's been a few months since the last iPhone Photo Roundup, so let's see what's been hanging out on mah cellular communication device!

I drive past this butcher shop almost every day, but I'm usually not stopped long enough to get a photo. It really deserves a full photo shoot for something.

Mirror in a coffeeshop with MissNine.

There was no way I could resist buying "Hawaiian Winners" at the Asian food market. They were yummy, too.

This sign at a Seattle brewpub seemed to be missing some letters. It reads, "SUP. Black Bean & Chorizo. Onions, gar, rots, toes, Chit, ack beans, spbro, tot jack ch se and green ions!!" Mmm...green ions!

A bit of my Big Lens backstage at Key Arena, a big place in the even bigger Seattle Center complex.

At Burgermaster drive-in, wondering what on earth the penguin is doing with the polar bear.

A lovely late afternoon sky near the coffee shop.

 I think Mr13 took this for me on the way to school one morning. I like that it's foggy and Beck is on the radio with "Where It's At."

This was my view of the fog the same morning. Sometimes it is so heavy you can't see more than a few feet in front of you, not my favorite driving condition.

And finally, the ever-elegant Ellie, on the red couch that she has commandeered as her own. No one minds, because she is wonderful and deserves a couch of her own.