Marianne did not have access to the internet today, but she did have access to a pool (see below). Whether she had time to use it is another matter, because she is very busy taking pictures of rock stuff and getting ready to set sail on a cruise ship to the flipping Bahamas tomorrow on the Bruise Cruise vessel. Shit is getting real, and that is good. When it's all over she'll have tales to tell and images of indie mayhem to share with us, and that is good as well.

She informs me they are predicting rain for the whole cruise, so I would like you to please take a moment and send some sunshine her way. Seriously, I want you to close your eyes, envision a big ball of sunshine, and send it to Marianne with all the force you can muster. It just might work, and then we can take all the credit.

In the meantime, please to enjoy these pictures of the way cool rocker house where Marianne is staying while she preps for the cruise. She took these pictures on her iPhone and sent them to my Blackberry, and now they are yours for the looking. YAY, TECHNOLOGY! Who needs internet, anyway?