Today, this is the question that is being asked, where the "me" in question ranges from internet giants like Google, Wikipedia, and Reddit all the way to...Popthomology, which as we know is just actually me.

Would you miss me, or them, or almost any internet site you may visit on a regular basis if someday you logged in, expected to search for info or watch a video or listen to a cover song made on Garage Band by some mom and her kid and saw something like this instead?

If the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act currently being discussed in Congress pass into United States law, your Internet will not be your Internet anymore; it will belong solely to the U.S. government and Big Entertainment corporation lawyers. No warning, no recourse, no recovery. Sites would just be gone. We already have legislation in place to combat Internet piracy, so ask again: why are the backers of SOPA/PIPA throwing millions at our government representatives in order to sway them to vote for these bills? Make no mistake about what the endgame is here: more corporate control infiltrating our government, and a very heavy hand on the throat of free speech and the First Amendment, in the cruel guise of protecting art.

Please take a moment to watch this video from Fight For The Future.org, which explains the issue further in a nicely-viewable way.

And you have to know something is REALLY bad if even Hitler is against it.

Just a heads-up: if SOPA/PIPA pass, both of the videos I've just posted could be removed, Popthomology shut down, and YouTube and Vimeo held criminally responsible for hosting them. Not a joke, and not unlikely.

So today is the day where you take the time to write your Congressional representatives and tell them that SOPA/PIPA must not be allowed into law. If you are an artist, you might like to sign this form; everyone else can use this link.

Would you miss me? Would you miss us, and the Internet as a place of free expression and information? Would you wish you had done something before it was too late?