There is no reason whatsoever to not enjoy more loud goat videos. I find them quite therapeutic.

What I really love about this one is that the scene is like a family gathering. The little one is nonstop whining, the boys are fighting, and the old cock? Implacable, deaf, and/or possibly dead.

Loud Pygmy Is Loud

What's better than the sound of goats? Donkeys and goats!

Donkey and Goats

AAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHH! The kid on this video thinks this is great, and he's right.

Silly Goat

The girls video-ing ask if this goat is trying to throw up. If he did, with every one of his loud screams, and the goat vom projectiled out onto the fairgoers, I can't say that I would be displeased at all.

Oscar The Goat

This is Bit. He's a JERK! HAHAHAHA! Holy crap! HAAAA!

Screaming Goat

The person who uploaded this claims the noise this goat makes "sounds like a gay person." Now, I'm not down with stereotypes, but I will say this goat does remind me a bit of Rip Taylor. It just does.

Gay Goat?

And finally...The Man Yelling Like A Goat Yelling Like A Man!!! YES!