Dear Wisconsin,

Today is an Official Day of Thanks for me. My deepest gratitude goes towards the over one million citizens of Wisconsin who signed petitions in support of recalling Governor Scott Walker. In a state with only 5.6 million residents, 25% of whom are under 18, getting this amount of signatures in such a short time is a stunning political achievement. It's historic, unprecedented in American recall history.

Over one million people, in these jaded, apathetic times where hope is sometimes very hard to come by, decided that they were going to fight back, clean and legal. Over one million people sent the message that any Governor who claims to represent Wisconsin must represent all of Wisconsin. Over one million people believe that Wisconsin is not going to be a state that is bought up and run by billionaire businessmen as a solely-for-their-profit enterprise.

Over one million people still believe that each one of us has value, and we deserve a voice in our futures.

So, I thank...

...the everyday people who took the time to stand out in the freezing winter weather, day after day even over the holidays, to gather signatures.

...the everyday people who went door-to-door, took the time to speak thoughtfully and civilly with people about the issues surrounding Walker's actions, inactions, and agendas, and about why they are so harmful to the state and our country.

...politicians like Kelda Helen Roys, Chris Larson, and Peter Barca, who despite being completely shut out from being able to represent their constituents, never gave up, and served to inspire people all over the country and the world with their tenacity and guts in speaking out against political corruption.

...all the people who signed: the Democrats, the Republicans, the Independents, the 18-year-old first-time voter, the 100-year-old who has voted in every election...every single one of you who stopped what you were doing when you could have kept on going and signed the petitions, all while being carpet-bombed by pro-Walker commercials and ads paid for from unlimited corporate coffers.

All of you are my heroes today, as I see those everyday people haul in box after box after box of signatures to be verified and counted. Amazing.

Today we celebrate. And tomorrow we must keep fighting. Walker and his backers will go down ugly, count on it, and will throw every possible roadblock, dirty trick, and disinformation to try to remain in power. Keep talking, keep giving out facts over lies, keep cool, keep focused. Wisconsin, you are more important than you could ever know.

With love, your Milwaukee-born friend,