OK, err buddy...TODAY is the DAY! Before we go any further, please take a moment to play this 23 second fanfare:

Today is Popthomology Redesign Day, complete with a BRAND-SPANKIN'-NEW LOGO designed by YOURS TRULY, who is NORMALLY NOT A DESIGNER! WOOOO! (Ed. note to readers on Open Salon and RSS: this will make no sense at all to you unless you go to the site itself, which I hear increases lifespan, brings monetary good luck, and makes you irresistible to Tremendously Attractive People)

Fun facts: the cartoon girl is writing on a device from the Distant Past called a "Typewriter," and the Popthomology logo font is from the The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I'm gonna make it after all (hat toss)! I'd tell you how long it took for me to put the glasses on the letters just the right way, but it might be too embarrassing to confess.

It's a big change overall from the last groovy incarnation of the site, and a HUGE difference from how the site looked when I started it almost 4 years ago as Diarrhea Island. All the usual content like People Like Lists and Weirdo Picture Corner remains along with the now-MASSIVE archives, but some things like the daily posts are compacted so the page loads faster and it's easier to navigate. There's a cool new Flickr slideshow and nifty social media buttons to find even MORE content I have (like concert photos and my Twitter blather) or to share stuff you like on the site with your fave social media sites, email, etc. There's a paginator and a back-to-top button, and an Amazon widget you can click if you'd like to get the blog on yer Kindle or buy a few other things I worked on over the years. There's a gorgeous and bold new background image from Canadian poster artist Vittorio Fiorucci from a 1965 film festival, indefatigable Copyright Go-Go Dancers and the weirdest and therefore funniest thing of all...Popthomology SWAG! Yes, although it doesn't really make a lot of sense, now you can actually buy Popthomology t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, and BEST OF ALL, UNDERWEAR! My entire life has been leading up to this moment, where I might someday know that a stranger on the internet has something I made on his or her unmentionables. Did I mention the underwear is MAGIC and FREE KITTENS come with every purchase? No? Oh good, because that's totally not true.

As I have the web design and coding skills of a not-terribly-bright monkey, this deal only got done through the extremely generous and tenacious efforts of my dear friend WN, who spent hours with me online trying to figure out how to make everything I wanted to have here work in a template that was NOT HAPPY about being modified. Where I would have given up in frustration, thrown a stick at my laptop and screamed, "EEE EEE EEE EEE!," he persisted until all the problems were solved and bugs were gone. There may be a few still lurking, but I think most everything seems good to go. We'll probably play around with it a bit more in the next few days, so it might look a little dodgy for a few minutes here and there. Be sure to call CNN about it, though; they need important stuff to write about there.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look as much as I do, and it's back to the business of getting stuff on here that is fun and/or interesting for you to read! Thanks!