We had such an adventurous day on Oahu's North Shore that I had to split it into two parts. I like adventurous days. In Part One, we visited Sunset Beach and Pupukea Beach (not to mention Ted' Bakery). After we changed back into dry clothes, we got back in the car and headed towards beautiful Waimea Beach.

But instead we went across the street into Waimea Valley, a place of even more spectacular natural beauty. We were a bit tired from all our previous activities so we didn't do the hike in, but from just the little bit we saw, it's well worth a visit.

Now. Look. Look at the tree. What is in the tree?

Why, it's a peacock!

The peacock, whom I feel had a big of a ego problem, just sayin', flew down and startled this nice young lady and her brother.

The peacock then decided he was going to show us all WHAT WAS UP, BOIIIIIII!

This flagrant display of avian pomposity could not stand. Mr13 decided he was going to stare down Mr. Fancy Feathers. This is what happened. (Song: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" by The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain)

Who won? Your call.

We made one more stop before heading back to Ko Olina. I wish I could tell you if this beach has a name, which is probably does, but there were no signs...just a very small parking lot by the road. I know it was close to the famous Pipeline of surfer-renown. Anyway, we stopped because it looked cool, and this is what everyone should do on vacation sometimes: throw away the guidebooks and just pop in wherever. The smooth big black lava rocks were so different here than what we had just seen at Pupukea Beach, which were all very crater-y and sharp.

We explored around for awhile, and found cool plants, a coconut husk, a skittering black crab, and teeny fish. It was almost completely deserted.

And off in the distance, more crazy surfers in search of bitchin' waves. Here's a little video. The song is "Phantom Car" by the Surf Coasters.

Bye bye, North Shore. You were totally cool. Except for some show-off bird, huh!