It's true.

Now, I know what you are thinking...Marianne, doesn't the Easter Bunny know that you think Peeps are made from plutonium and the desperate screams of innumerable souls screeching from the bowels of Hell Itself? No? Ohh...are you are thinking, Marianne, why are you standing there grinning like a big doof next to a nice indie musician? That? Is it that?

Well, I don't really have any excuses for being a big doof but I am delighted to tell you that I was fortunate enough to attend two shows by that nice indie musician there, Kurt Vile, one an in-store at Sonic Boom Records in Ballard and the other at the Sunset Tavern right around the corner. I'll be working on my review and processing photos today for Back Beat Seattle, and that should be available soon.

Doofily, I told Mr. Vile that I was really excited about him performing that night and he was most gracious. What I would have liked to have told him but didn't, and that won't exactly fit into a show review, is that his music has a very unique effect on me: it actually makes me feel good from the inside out. The best I can explain it is the feeling you might have when a baby smiles at you, or the sun on your face after a long winter, or the satisfaction you feel after finishing a great book. I realize this last sentence is possibly the nerdiest one I have ever written, but it is sincere. I don't understand this effect, but damn, I'll take it. I can't blame it on eating Peeps, that's for sure.

Many thanks to Sonic Boom, the Sunset, and Kurt Vile and the Violaters. Easter Bunny, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Kurt Vile, "Jesus Fever"