Ever since we got back from Hawaii, MissEight has been bugging me to find a Japanese store like Shirokiya, which is the one we visited in Honolulu's Ala Moana Center. She fell in love with these tiny little aquariums we saw there which I think featured sea monkeys (aka brine shrimp), but I didn't think attempting to bring one back through airport security would be possible or wise. So I told her that I thought we might be able to find one around our Seattle-ish area, considering our high Asian population. Lo and behold, practically in our backyard is a huge Asian supermarket, Uwajimaya. WOW! I said as we walked in. New and nice and filled with aisle after aisle of incredibly interesting, delicious, and odd items. We got a cart and started piling stuff in in. I took only a few pictures because it was FREEZING in there and because I was starving and wanted to go home and eat the food I was buying.

As I noticed in the Shirokiya market, apparently the hot item in Asia is the titanium bracelet or necklace. These are supposed to use magnetic fields to fight infection, boost energy, and heal all kinds of ills. I suppose it couldn't hurt, eh.

One childface, please.

These condoms are called "Beyond Seven." That's either denoting an evening hour or some wishful thinking.

I wish my name were Hugo Yunker, Lumberjack.

You will be "prettia" than the rest!

None More Gold Frog is...none more gold.

I generally like Sushi Cats, but when you get a bunch of them together, I think that's ripe for nightmares.


Wouldn't you ever get tired of everything being cute in Japan? It's OK for things not to be cute sometimes.

What kind of fruit is a red "prume?" Anyone? Ohhh.

I was very happy to see these ice cream fruit bars, which we first had in Hawaii. They are so refreshing and creamy and not like anything else I can think of. YUM.

Two odd candy packages had to be purchased, because I can't figure out what Santa has to do with marshmallow fake ice cream cones, and I worry what "butter ball" candy is going to taste like.

We didn't have any luck finding the aquarium for MissEight; she seemed happy enough with some packaged sashimi. And with's time for my dinner.