Every so often but not too too often, I am not ashamed to admit, I ask my friendly readers for help. It's usually in support of a charity or creative project that I am fond of, and I have very much appreciated your enthusiasm. I would ask for help personally, but I am almost positive none of you want to do my dishes or fan me with delicate palm fronds whilst I type. I'm a realist.

What I am requesting today is about five minutes or so of your time so that you might write a little email or letter to your local PBS station. It doesn't have to be fancy or lengthy or particularly dripping with insight, originality, or wit. I can hear the sighs of relief already! No, all I ask is something like this: "Dear My Awesome Local PBS Station, Could you please show the documentary "Do It Again' by Geoff Edgers and Robert Patton-Spruill? Me n' all my PBS-likin' friends would really love to see this film, which has gotten great reviews on the film festival circuit. Thank you very much for considering my humble request, and have a very pleasant day. Sincerely, Your Name Goes Here." Feel free to customize.

Because I know you are very busy with your own dishes and typing stuff, I'm going to give you the shortest recap possible here, if you haven't seen any of my previous posts about "Do It Again" over the years here...

1. "Do It Again" is an independent music documentary about a fan's journey to reunite the Kinks. That fan is Boston Globe writer Geoff Edgers, and he and I became friends during the making of the film. FULL DISCLOSURE: I have a few photos of the Kinks in the film. But even if I didn't, or didn't know and like Geoff, I'd still be a fan of this film. It's funny and touching, and captures some of the sweet madness of Superfandom in action.

2. It's a hard and costly road to get an independent film made and seen. The new cut of the film that has been made specifically for PBS is currently the very best opportunity for more people to see the movie, but of course it has a lot of competition -- public broadcasting programmers can only fit so many things into their schedules and budgets. A writing campaign can really make a difference in getting "Do It Again" to stand out.

3. We all benefit from non-corporate, non-mainstream creative works getting wider exposure, because if our TVs are filled with nothing but Charlie Sheen and NASCAR, pretty soon our collective IQ will be somewhere at the level of a stoat, or perhaps even a vole. Shudder.

So I ask you, pretty please with sugar and spice and all that, to click here to go to Geoff's blog post, where you will find another link to easily locate the email or snail mail address of your local PBS station, and take five minutes to help something good continue its success. Don't delay -- do it today! Seattle people, I will make this super-easy for you (and look! The Northwest Film Forum is joining in too!):
401 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98109

Thank you very much! I'm virtually fanning you with a palm frond right now.

(That's yours truly and Geoff Edgers at the Los Angeles film festival premier of "Do It Again" last year. Yes, I have that poster. Yes, I am still short even in big heels.)