(Disclaimer: I will not take responsibility for you becoming ravenously hungry after viewing this entry, nor if you raid the remnants of your 401K to book a flight to Oahu and run the 20 or so miles from the Honolulu airport to this restaurant. You are on your own.)

Roy's has a special place in my heart, it does. Not only does it serve sublime "Hawaiian Fusion" cuisine and was for years my go-to special occasion restaurant, but I have a little family story that began there. On April 6, 2001, I was at the Roy's in Denver (no longer there, sadly) having a delicious lunch on my birthday. I used the event and the inherent leverage one has on a birthday to make my reasoned-out and detailed pitch to try to add a third and final child to the family. This idea was met with fairly loud scoffs and many reasons explaining just why I was completely insane to entertain such a thought.

On September 27, 2002, my daughter, the lovely MissEight, was born. HA!

And so almost nine years to the day, we find ourselves in Hawaii, in a beautiful condo with a kitchen actually designed by the Roy Yamaguchi of Roy's, and there's a Roy's literally 1 minute away. WE ARE THERE. The service was genuinely friendly, with multiple servers coming to our table, very professional but not stuffy in the least. And as I expected, the food was just out-of-this-world: innovative, fresh, perfect portion sizes, and beautifully presented.

Mai Tai? Yes, please.

I wish I could remember the name of the featured musician, because he had a lovely voice and did a very nice job. He plays every Wednesday night.

The restaurant is part of a golf club/course. Verrrry pretty.

The kids liked it as well. Mr13 played on his new phone and MissEight enjoyed the children's menu activities.

The special appetizer plate for two was easily shared by the four of us, and the kids got veggies and dip, orange slices, and a couple of cheesey triangle quesadillas gratis. This next set of photos was taken by MissEight.

The light at about 6PM was so nice on the open-air patio, and the breeze welcomed. Another Mai Tai was ordered.

Oh, it was all so good! Short ribs, sashimi, moonfish, and a bread pudding with vanilla ice cream that I wish I could have just dived into and rolled around in.

One delicious Kauai-blend coffee ended my meal and we went back to our condo, full and happy. Thank you, Roy's, for everything, ya know?

Roy's - Ko' Olina
92-1220 Aliinui Drive
Kapolei, HI 96707

(808) 676-7697