It is a pleasure when I can share with you the things in life I think are exceptional, especially the talents of other people working in the creative arts, whether in fine art, photography, music, design, writing, craftworks, etc. It is a particular pleasure to tell you about someone who is not only multi-talented in the arts, but in my estimation, is downright gifted, and I almost never use the "g" word because it brings up images of snotty nerds with giant foreheads and persistent post-nasal drips. Fortunately, Spencer Tweedy's giftedness does not come along with pretension, an unusually-shaped cranium, or chronic sinus problems. That I know of.

Spencer is a young Chicagoan in his first year of high school whose thoughtful and well-written prose has been a pleasure to read on his blog. But he is also skilled in design and photography, and seems to have an almost unerring natural sense of what makes an excellent image. Wherever he is, at home or traveling, or whatever the subject may be (architecture, macro, family), he comes up with photographs that are compelling. They draw you in and make you think, and are often quite beautiful. His passion for design is infectious, and his desire to learn and grow as an artist is clearly very important to him. He seems to have inherited so many of his parents' wonderful qualities (and they are the lovely and talented Sue Miller and Jeff Tweedy) but will have no trouble carving out a niche for himself.

I am very happy to let you know that Spencer has just made his first book of photographs called "Square Eye" available through Blurb, and you can read more about it here on Spencer's blog, or just click here to go to Blurb and buy it now, which is my suggestion. Go. Go now. Shoo. Git.

Did I mention that Spencer is also a really good drummer? Hmm...maybe we better check his sinuses after all.