Life can be very frustrating at times, and by "life" I mean "jerky friggin' people whom you'd love to throttle like Homer Simpson does to Bart ACK ACK ACKKKKK." Yet throttling is a crime in most states, provinces, protectorates, and Lord-doms. So what can we do, other than throttle or become pathetic red-faced stroke casualties?

Why, we can watch yelling YouTubes, is what! I know I feel better already.

Let us start with a classic, the one that started it all!

This, my favorite Grickle video, updates "Network" nicely. You should really should go watch more Grickle films here.

I totally approve of Japanese men yelling out words of affection in public.

Although American guys have a little different flair.  (WARNING: so very NSFW or ANYWHERE)

In other countries, Doris would be detained by authorities for the public welfare. In Illinios, Doris wins a prize.

And in other countries, people put camels in cars and camels don't like it at all.