There are three very large windows right outside my office (which used to be a dining room before I co-opted it) and I often gaze out, thinking and daydreaming and procrastinating and such. I was performing said gazing a couple of days ago, regarding a pair of crows sitting on the power lines that cross the sky. "Crows," I thought, smartly, "There's some crows, alright." And then I thought, "Hmm. Look at that. It's kinda graphically interesting...hmmm...." and I reached down and snapped a photo with my iPhone:

I can't say enough how much I am enjoying iPhonography, because there are so many cool and cheap apps to process the photos in such amazing ways. Let's look at three ways to change this simple photo with the application Lo-Mob.

I absolutely love the vignetting and soft dreamy blur choosing "Tri-Black Film."

This damaged, deconstructed look is from "6x9 Instant Emulsion."

And this one is "Ho-Mob Reloaded," which pulls hard on saturating the very limited colors from the original print along with strong vignetting and and almost-burnt look.

So's then I thought, "Hey, why don't you take a couple of shots with your trusty Canon G7? It's just sitting right there. Do it." These were processed with CameraBag, which is available for both iPhone and desktop use.

Aw, kissy birds. This used an "Instant" filter, which gives a faded Polaroid look. The washed-out blues and yellows really bring out the clouded-over sun there.

Going straight Pop Art, zoomed in and took advantage of the stark black-and-white elements. This one was processed with "1962." What a great year that was.

Finally, I went and grabbed the Big Camera, the Canon 60D. Using the windows to make a frame, the birds remain blurred in the background, giving it a kind of wistful look. This was processed with CameraBag "Mono."

And then before I could get another shot off, the birds flew away.

I so appreciate the chance to see something in many different ways, using all these apps and cams. It gets your eyes and mind opened up to so many possibilities, even in something as simple as two crows sitting outside your window.