MissEight: Do you think the Tooth Fairy is real?

Me: Hmm. Yeah, I think so.

MissEight: Oh, I totally think so too. Who else would do that? Who would want a bunch of old teeth? It makes sense! Do you think Santa is real?

Me: I do.

MissEight: Yeah, for sure he's real. I like Santa. You know who's not real? Jack Frost. And griffins.

Me: Nope.

MissEight: What if Jack Frost and a griffin had a baby? What would it be?

Me: Something with icy wings.

MissEight: Griff...ack? Frostgriff? No! JACKIN!

Me: (makes valiant attempt not to laugh, fails)


(I am walking with MissEight on the school grounds. As I pass a Boy with strawberry-blond hair, who also seems to be about 8 or so, he reaches out and touches my chest briefly. I stop, slightly startled. The Boy looks up at my face rather somberly.)

Boy: Hello.

Me: Hi.

Boy: What does it say on your shirt?

Me: "Pavement is rad." Pavement is a band.

Boy: Oh. That's nice. Bye.

Me: Bye.

Pavement, "Cut Your Hair," The Tonight Show 1994