It's been, oh, at least since the fall when Deerhunter's "Halcyon Digest" was released that I have been SO excited about a new album, which is "Is Growing Faith" by one-man multi-instru-bandi-musicalist Tim Presley, under the moniker White Fence. If you are, LIKE ME, a HUGE fan of low-fi/garage/psych/punk/'60s pop (and by huge I don't mean to comment on your size nor mine, comedians) this album is for YOU YOU YOU. Tim's got it all authentically down, throws in some extra-cool weirdness, and writes some mighty catchy songs to feed your head with.

I heard the track "Sticky Fruitman Has Faith" in my car a couple of days ago on SIRIUS XMU, and went WHOA! COOL! and then scrambled for a scrap of paper to write it down. (Yes, I was parked in a parking lot, for those of you who are safety-conscious like that.) So's I got home and I do the very first thing I always do when I want to hear something from the radio again: try to find it on YouTube. Damn, I went, nope, no video for the track. Bah.

When I listened to the track again this evening, an image came into my mind...a warped crackly 45 on a recond player going round and round. Hmmmmmm. HMMMMMMM. So I did some more YouTube footage foraging, thinking "'60's" and "circles" and decided to make a video for the song. Please to enjoy!

White Fence, "Sticky Fruitman Has Faith"

You may purchase the album by clicking on its title above. Groovy, baby!