(My good pal Dena sits in today for me, as I seem to have consumption, rickets, vertigo, shingles, gout, dropsy, halitosis, pertussis, lockjaw, pleurisy, and the hives. Thanks, D and MissS.)

When Marianne asked me to do a guest blog for her today, I was not sure how to respond. On the one hand I was a bit under the weather myself and had a meeting to attend downtown, not exactly the most auspicious conditions to pull off any major bouts of spontaneous creativity. On the other hand we all know Marianne is right up there with the most super of the troupers when it comes from pulling blog posts out of your wazoo in sickness and in health, etc., so she had to be feeling downright crappy to ask in the first place. Something had to be done, but what?

There may not be too many subjects I can speak on today with any great authority, but it occurs to me that you may be wondering what happens when you put an eight-year-old in an empty truck. Please note that the truck is STATIONARY. NEVER TAP-DANCE ON A MOVING VEHICLE OF ANY KIND, unless maybe it’s a parade float or a cruise ship. Definitely not a motorcycle or a Segway or a unicycle, although, okay, maybe that last one might work if you are in Cirque du Soleil. Please see me if you need any clarification regarding which types of conveyances are safe for tap-dancing and which are not. And please send your good thoughts to Marianne so she’ll get better, because all of this stuff is exhausting just to think about.