Like anyone else with a blog, I get daily spam comments, which of course are never approved and published. They come from scambots all over the world, trying to get me and Popthomology readers to click on links for sex aids, illegal prescription drugs, cheaply-made designer bags, or How To Earn Millions Of Dollars Per Second By Stuffing Envelopes and Retire With Many Nigerian Bank Accounts. As I was deleting some today, I decided to make something out of this digital puke, many written by humans (or maybe not even humans) in flamboyantly strange English. I bring to you today the re-imagined…Spam Poems!

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To risk the emotion
Nasty righteous restructure.

We could present spatially an atomic fact
Which contradicted the laws of physics
But not one which contradicted the laws of geometry.

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A unshakeable adulate foods
Timeliness up the metabolism, making matchlessness forfeiture
Attainable without feelings of deprivation and hunger.

Inasmuch as those day-dreaming in order of a nibble
When unfaltering to push into serve up persuasiveness
Befitting pro foods that in authenticity with discernible with the dispose to passion.

With winter on its functioning, assorted gravitate
To nuzzle advantaged and dine on richness food
Snap at these graciously and fleshiness fighting tips this adjuvant to and winter.

Almonds boost Metabolism According to the Ecumenical Files of Rotundity
Dieters who snacked on almonds every sovereign reduced their clout lonely
Soppy Potato Halts Bread Cravings.

According to villainous Calcium
Fertility foods espouse bring sapping
Oranges uphold flavones, said to announce incinerate fat.

Women who ate the most flavones
Had the least burgeon of genius, almost stoutness
In the 14 years during which the to the compass basis to was undertaken.

Catalogue orange segments
In a mixed-leaf salad
Respecting something a slight different.

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