Poor MissEight. She just loves to cook and she's stuck with a mom whose idea of gourmet fare is putting lemon pepper on a opened tin of tuna. Sigh. In any case, she's hard at work on a cookbook, and these two items are her recommendations for a fine Sunday family dinner:

"Mo Mo Sandwich!"

1 Cups of tomato's.
1 Cups of onion's.
1 Cup's of Avacodo's.

Then poor it in a Bowl and mix it up. and then put in White Bread! And gua Laa! You have it!

p.s. you could abb letus and cheese!

"gouy ice cream Blah Blah Yum Yum"

1 ice cream

Then sture



My contribution was finding this piece of pasta on the kitchen floor. We agreed that it looks like a seahorse.

If we ever invite you over to dinner here, believe me, we'll understand if you decline.