I know -- it's really hard for most people to take the time to find and listen to new music. There are so many artists and sites and recommendations, confusing similar band names like Deer Tick and Deerhunter and Deer Jerky...alright, I made that last one up but you get my point. How can you efficiently find great new songs to enjoy if you are a busy rock fan?

Well, you could attend Austin's famous SXSW festival, where as of today 1700 or so bands will be playing pretty much 'round the clock at any available space to try to grab your ear and hopefully some of the cash you make while you are away being busy. You could go, but you might not have the time or the money or the patience. I think about going and then I think again, because I would become overwhelmed and frustrated and then surly. People would slosh beer on me and hand me flyers for the 4AM ten-minute set of Deer Numbles at the Shell station as I sat despondent on a dirty Austin curb. Alright, there's no Deer Numbles either. I think.

National Public Radio kindly wishes me and you a better fate than falling asleep on a sidewalk covered in colorful paper ads and a fermented yeast beverage. They have compiled The Austin 100: A SXSW Mix For 2010 -- their pick of the best 100 songs from acts featured at SXSW this year, in alphabetical order. Click on the link to access the stream, which will keep looping around for ya. Some of my old and new favorites are on there, like Broken Bells, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Xx, Spoon, Sleigh Bells, Roky Erickson, Rogue Wave, Best Coast, Dr. Dog, Big Star, Broken Social Scene, Real Estate, and did I mention Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...ah, yes yes.

I'm excited to hear the tracks I don't know, playing over my computer at my leisure, and I bet you might find some new music you will love too. Thanks, NPR!