Oh, WAAA WAAA WAAA. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts doesn't like that President Obama in his State of the Union address called out the Court's mess of a 5-4 decision which now allows Big Biz and unions to spend as much on American political elections as they would like. Yes, we SO NEED more special interest groups slithering like cancer-filled SNAKES into our nation's body of laws, THANKS SO SO MUCH.

WAAA, Justice Roberts cries, Obama shouldn't have done that, it wasn't PROPER! WAAA, we had to just sit there on camera and TAKE IT! WAAAA, growing partisanship, WAAAAA!

YOU give ME a BREAK, Roberts. How do you think you got where YOU ARE? Blind non-political merit, free from agenda and bias? Don't complain about the game that you profited from, just because this time a leader had the guts to say publicly and to your face that you made a huge mistake, and one that could have a devastating effect on just who gets a say on who is running the show 'round these parts. Unless there is strong mitigating legislation or a reversal of Mr. Bungle and his 4 pals' ruling,neither you nor I will be able to be heard over the roar of BIG AVALANCHES OF MONEY falling all over Washington, D.C.

AND, I might point out, if you don't think public partisanship is right and all of the branches need to pretend like they all are civil, reasonable, unshakably honest and free of strong ALREADY PAID FOR opinions, WHY did YOU make a public comment? WHY? Because babies want what they want, and they don't like to be DENIED...tit for tat.