Vice President Joe Biden is very, very excited about health care reform being signed into law. Listen very carefully to his enthusiastic expression to President Barack Obama this morning:

He's right, you know. It is a big _____-ing deal. Now, fill in the adjective of your choice, depending on your own personal politics, from George Carlin's infamous "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" comedy bit (I will edit them for readers with more delicate retinas):

1. Sh*t
2. P*ss
3. F*ck
4. C*nt
5. C*cks*cker
6. M*therf*cker
7. T*ts

If you are a Republican, please use numbers 1, 2, or 5. If you just hate Nancy Pelosi, use 4 or 7. If, like me and Joe Biden, you are delighted, please join Joe and I in using number 3, or if you are SUPER MEGA EXCITED, use #6.

I predict -- and I would bet a hundred bucks and a beer on this -- that sometime later on this evening, when the DC workday is done and the cameras are off, the Leader of The Free World will say that yes indeed, it's a big m*therf*cking deal.