I have done the best I can over the years to never share a sleeping room with my children. I learned this via experience with my first child. His crib was in our bedroom and BOY do babies make a WHOLE LOT OF NOISE. I have found that children rustle and kick and snort and altogether make too many sounds for Light Sleeper Me. Get your own place, spawn. But in order to afford our lux bux hotel in SoCal, one room is what we have, spacious and lovely though it is. Four people, one room.

What I learned last night that I didn't know is that apparently my two youngest children are SLEEP TALKERS. It isn't enough to yabber ON AND ON through hours of consciousness, OH NO. THEY GOTTA KEEP TALKING.

Hmm. I cannot imagine where this verbosity comes from. Hmm.

Somniloquy, says Wiki, is pretty common in children, and I should expect them to outgrow it in a few years. It seems that they don't have Rapid eye movement behavior disorder (RBD) which is really good because then they would be swearing and beating each other up in their sleep, which is so what I do not wish to deal with on a regular nighttime basis.

A sampling of last night's chats:

Mr11: "OK!" "I'll be right there!" "Today?"

MissSix: "Mama, I'm ready now." "I told you I wasn't going." "NO!" "You didn't say that!" "I don't have it." "What?"

I suppose it would be poor parenting to make them sleep out on the balcony, huh?