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Malicious mischief
: 1:45 p.m., 600 block of Waverly Way. The driver-side window of a Hillsboro, Ore. man's minivan was broken by a poorly thrown ball.

Bogus threat: Police were dispatched Sunday on a 911 call that a man was waving a gun at the annual meeting of the Lord of Life Church. A member alleged that another member was waving a gun in the hallway of the church. A town police officer who is a member of the church and was at the meeting, told dispatch to disregard the call because he did not see a man enter the hallway or point a gun. When police questioned the caller, he said the fellow church member pointed his finger as if it were a gun.

Police Chief James Wallis said the suspect had voiced his opinion against the pastor at an earlier meeting and some took exception to it and made the bogus call.

Sex, other
: 2:25 a.m., 200 Kirkland Ave. A 27-year-old Kirkland female had oral sex with unknown male expecting cocaine in return. The incident was initially reported as a rape.


Theft: Police cited Deborah Berg-Potusky, 41, of 716 St. John's Drive, City of Delafield, for retail theft after she attempted to steal two bottles of perfume from Kohl's, 3105 Golf Road, on Aug. 1.The perfume had a value of $90.

Theft: A 16-year-old City of Oconomowoc girl was cited for retail theft after attempting to steal a pair of shoes and perfume from Kohl's, 3105 Golf Road, on Aug. 29.


Retail theft
: An 18-year-old Waterford man was arrested for retail theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after he and a 16-year-old Village of Mukwonago boy who had been reported missing were observed in the Walmart parking lot carrying new backpacks at about 3:12 a.m. Aug. 27. When the officer asked about the backpacks, the two admitted to stealing the backpacks and contents. The 16-year-old took CDs, hair dye, cologne, candles and clothing valued at $105. The 18-year-old took clothes, markers, computer flash cards, lighters, cologne, hair wax and a watch valued at $286. The 16-year-old was cited for theft and taken to the Waukesha County Juvenile Center when his parent refused custody. The 18-year-old was taken to Waukesha County Jail. The Waukesha County District Attorney's Office is considering charges.

Drug possession: A 17-year-old boy from the Town of Mukwonago was issued a citation for drug possession after he came to the police department to appear in court on a traffic citation Aug. 19. The boy stopped the court officer in the hall to ask him a question. When the officer asked the boy if he had his ticket with him, he pulled it out from his pants pocket and with it came a small plastic bag containing marijuana.

Marijuana Possession
: Two juveniles were released to their parents Aug.25 after an officer observed them rolling marijuana in a car parked with the hazard lights on.

Juvenile Problems: A girl became upset during a session at New Directions, 30800 Chagrin Blvd., on Saturday. She threw chairs and cups.

Harassment: An 11-year-old Village of Pewaukee boy is being referred to Human Services after he allegedly grabbed another 11-year-old Village of Pewaukee boy's penis while they were in the backyard of his residence in the 300 block of Morris St. on Aug. 14. The victim's mom reported the incident.

Disorderly: A male juvenile discharged a fire extinguisher at the Chocolate Factory, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Aug. 24 at about 1 p.m. No description of the juvenile was given. The mess was cleaned up and there was no damage to the business.

Curfew violations
: Officers were dispatched to Highway I and Kettle Ridge at 11:16 p.m. Aug. 21 after reports of a person lying in a roadway and a person running along the highway with his arms tied behind his back yelling for help. The officers found a group of six underage boys, three from the Town of Mukwonago, one from the Town of East Troy, one from the Town of Waukesha and one from the Village of North Prairie, who said they were just goofing around trying to gain the attention of cars. All six boys were issued citations for curfew violations.


Theft from auto: A tire pressure gauge and two pairs of clip-on sunglasses valued at $30 were taken from an unlocked 2008 Pontiac parked in an apartment parking lot in the 300 block of Gibson Street between 2 p.m. Aug. 10 and 11 a.m. Aug. 12.

Vehicle damaged: An employee of Lake Country Foods. 132 S. Concord Road, told police that his vehicle was damaged sometime between 3 and 7 a.m. on Aug. 21.

According to the police report, David Brickham told authorities that that he parked in the employee lot across the street while he worked. When he left at 7 a.m., he noticed the gas lid had been pried open and the gas cap was lying on the ground. The entire vehicle was keyed and the left tail lens was damaged. Gas had been siphoned out of the Nissan Altima and human spittle marks were on the front and back windows. An estimate for repairs to the vehicle was $8,900.

Police are investigating the incident.

Theft: Liz Lubner of N49 W35736 Wisconsin Ave. reported Aug. 14 that someone had entered her vehicle sometime the previous two nights and stolen some change and a roll of mints.


Soliciting: An Eastwood Drive man reported to the station Aug. 31 after his 16-year-old daughter was approached by a man at the Brunswick Library who claimed to be from California and encouraged her to try out for modeling.

The girl allegedly told her father that the man spotted her walking along Center Road and followed her to the library. There, he told her she could make a considerable amount of money if she were to get into modeling. The man left the girl with a business card containing his name and other contact information.

The girl's father said nothing inappropriate took place, but wanted the incident documented.

Police are attempting to contact the suspect.

: Police cited Joseph J. Butschli, 27, of 123 Park Ave., for disorderly conduct July 27 for arguing with his landlord.

According to the report, Butschli was yelling, swearing and at one point punched a wooden post. Loie Laimon, who owns the building with her husband, John, told police Butschli was being evicted, the report said.


Theft: A 52-year-old Aurora resident reported Aug. 27 that someone had stolen his golf bag and clubs, along with a golf course GPS system -- valued at a total of $2,400 -- after he left them outside of the pro shop at the Grantwood Golf Course. He suspects a man he saw hanging around the area, described as a white male in his early 30s, 5'3" and weighing 140 pounds with glasses and a scruffy reddish beard.

Attempted theft
: On Aug. 18, a man loaded a large industrial broom into the bed of his pick-up truck, damaging a tire and fork on a skid-steer at Fickau's Hardware, W230 S7770 Big Bend Drive. When exiting the business, the broom fell out of the truck and onto Highway 164. The damage is estimated at $200. The suspect is a white male in his late 30s with a muscular build, tattoos on his arms and very short hair or bald. He was driving a black, Mazda pick-up truck with damage to the top rails of the bed, and a trailer hitch. Anyone with information regarding this suspect or vehicle is asked to call Big Bend Police at (262) 662-3782.


Trespassing: A man reported Aug. 25 that he is being harassed by his ex-accountant, whom he terminated a few months ago. He said the accountant entered his unsecured garage on Aug. 14 leaving a note for him to call. The man's wife said she then received a message stating "You'd better have your husband call or there will be a problem." She then received a message from the accountant's girlfriend "over financial issues they are having." Police advised the suspects they are not permitted on the property or there will be a problem.

Domestic Violence: A juvenile just released from a detention facility was charged with domestic violence Aug. 25 after he threatened to throw a brick through a window at his family's new home, then instead threw it at his father, missing him. The juvenile said it was an accident and denied telling his parents he wished his aim was better.

Found Property: Someone stole a golf cart from Auburn Springs golf course. Police believe the culprit drove it to Timmons Elementary school on Kenston's first day of school Aug. 27.

An employee of the school found it at 9:30 a.m. on school property.

Police staked out the school at the end of classes to see if a student would attempt to drive it home. However, no one did.

Disorderly: A Village of Pewaukee man talked himself into a disorderly ticket early Aug. 21.

According to the report, an officer saw Brian Wrecke, 23, of 475 Concord Road, Oconomowoc, urinating on a tree in the 1300 block of Meadowcreek Drive at about 3:15 a.m. As the officer talked with Wrecke and another man, Ryan Christensen, 24, of 384 Stone Ct., Village of Pewaukee, told the officer that he too had urinated in public, the report said.

The officer did not see Christensen urinate, but Christensen began to yell while standing on the sidewalk, saying he too urinated. Because he created a disturbance, he was cited, the report said