I saw The Hollywoods again at the OOGCP! I am always so concerned that because they are advanced in years that one day they just won't come back. Mrs. Hollywood had on her favorite Pucci jumpsuit AGAIN. She really loves that thing. Mr. Hollywood was looking all natty as usual, with pressed khaki pleated pants, loafers, a button-down shirt, and a red sweater tied at his shoulders. They were admiring a doggie tied outside the coffeehouse. I bet you a million dollars they have a little tiny dog. I bet you a billion dollars.

It has been some time since I have seen them, and a few times while waiting for my coffee to come up at the counter I have almost asked about them. But I didn't. I am not sure if their story would be less wonderful than I imagine it to be, or infinitely grander. I guess I like them to remain legends in my mind, I think, as Mrs Hollywood clacks away in her 4" heels to their car with the disabled parking permit hanging askew from the rearview mirror.