The good and bad thing about the late hours I keep is that I tend to get an idea rush at about the 1AM mark, and then have to stay up later to complete whatever goofiness I am compelled by. Last night I was going through some of my photos looking for a particular image and ended up looking at the raw files from a show by one of my fave local punk bands, wimps. They have recently released a very nifty album called "Repeat" on End Of Time Records, and are also a blast to see live. Anyway, as I was toggling back and forth between the photos in Lightroom, I got an idear for a video, so I grabbed the lead track from "Repeat," called "Slept In Late" and with some lo-fi trickery, made this video! Please to enjoy and I sincerely hope this does not trigger any seizures. Safety first!

The irony outcome is that today after finishing the video...I slept in late.

wimps, "Slept In Late"