1. There is a definite Facebook "posting hierarchy," where a significant amount of people will only interact with those who have some kind of perceived higher status. This could be anything from trying to chum up to a Kardashian to brown-nosing a college admissions officer to trying to get the attention of a hot chick without having to deal with potential face-to-face rejection. A reverse subset of these posters will only try to knock down or upset more prominent people. Some people never type a word, but go on "liking" sprees of all content that a celeb posts.

2. Content slows down very late at night, but also gets WAY more interesting. In the wee, wee hours, we see the posting results of drunken evenings out, late-night loneliness, intractable insomnia, and some surprisingly smart micro-essays.

3. People like their dogs and cats much more than their family and friends.

4. There are folks who, almost every day, take essentially the very same photo of themselves and post it.

5. People get frothing-mad about other people who don't think the same political or religious thoughts.

6. There are many straight single dudes who only post negative and bitter things, seem to enjoy cutting other peoples' thoughts, preferences, and work output to shreds, seem pissed off all the time, and then morosely wonder why they don't have a girlfriend.

7. There are many straight single women who only post whining medical or relationship complaints, use, "I, "me," "my," or "mine" in nearly every sentence, take duck lips photos of themselves, talk shit about former boyfriends, and then morosely wonder why they don't have a boyfriend.

8. An astounding number of people still do not realize that once you post something online, it lives forever.

9. Facebook is always up to some kind of shenanigans with tweaking the site and "your optimal user experience" there.

10. You can tell an awful lot about people by analyzing their profile and posting style. That college admissions officer, that hot chick, and your next potential place of employment already knows that, though. SUH-NAP!