Miss Ten and I went out after school today to buy her some new clothes and shoes. We found out that she is now wearing adult-sized shoes, she doesn't like glitter or shiny stuff on her clothes, loves anything purple or teal, and will accidentally ram our shopping cart into my heels approximately every 20 minutes. After all this learning and pain, we decided to recharge our batteries by stopping by one of our favorite conveyor-belt (Kaiten) sushi restaurants. I am always a little surprised to find out how many people don't know about the glories of kaiten sushi, as it is especially great for families. You sit down at a booth or counter and BAM! Your food choices are RIGHT THERE in yo' face, coming by one small plate at a time on the conveyor belt. You just pick the ones you like or you can also order directly from the wait person or the sushi chef. It's delicious, healthy, fast, and fun. Here is a video from the YouTubes showing you what it is, what it be:

Kaiten Sushi

If you have never had sushi, man, are you missing out. Great sushi -- even good sushi -- is one of the planet's finest foods. I know some folks are a little freaked by the whole idea of raw fish (don't worry; I have a cruelly-sensitive gut and I have never gotten ill from sushi in 30 years) and maybe are also intimidated about how to order and how to eat it. There's a video for that, too:

How To Eat Sushi At A Restaurant

And here's a video showing you the English and Japanese names for several common types of sushi!

Names of Sushi

So, now that you know what to do, Miss Ten and I would love to have you come with us the next time! Especially if you PAY!

Here are a few images we took today. Please to enjoy!

By me...

By Miss Ten...

and by me again.