Wow! As a student and fan of psychology, I love coming across cultural artifacts related to the very fascinating history of mental health care, and this one is a doozy! This is 30 minutes of FREUDIAN FUN from the Michigan Department of Mental Health -- one of the many government-sponsored social PSA films that were released post-WWII in order to shape a healthier (or some might argue, more conformist) population. "Angry Boy" deals with a 10-year-old student named Tommy caught stealing money out of his teacher's purse, and his family's subsequent entry into the local "child guidance" clinic for treatment from a very weird psychologist and his zombie-like assistants. OF COURSE, the boy's mother and the mother's mother ARE THE PROBLEM, as per ol' Sigmund -- misguided, miserable, migraine-suffering nags, all. Dad is a total wimp, OF COURSE, who doesn't even account for much of the dysfunctional dynamic.

My favorite scene is when, during "play therapy," the psychologist gives Angry Tommy Boy A TOY GUN so they can both enjoy a little target practice while discussing ANGER PRODUCING THINGS. Nice link-up there, DOC!

So, sit right down, grab a cool beverage of your choice, or a crossbow, whatever, and please to enjoy!

"Angry Boy" (1951)