More videos from the Popthomology Vintage Footage Blender! I love making these.

First up, another video for White Fence, who is Tim Presley, who is one of my very favorite musical artists working now. "Down PNX" is from the new "Family Perfume Vol. 1" album on WOODSIST, with Vol. 2 coming in May. I'm finally getting to see White Fence play live here in Seattle at the Chop Suey on May 5th (along with another fave, Ty Segall), and I am already vibrating with psychedelic excitement! I think it's gonna be the show of the year for me.

White Fence, "Down PNX"

Earlier today, I was just stunned to see, for the first time ever, this unbelievably mega-awesome promo video for the Kinks' 1973 song "Sitting In The Midday Sun." I had no idea this existed. Look at Ray Davies! Why he didn't go more for an acting career is beyond me; what an amazingly expressive face he has. Check it out!

The Kinks, "Sitting In The Midday Sun"

Now, what's the first thing that came to my mind? Such lovely hair deserves a reset into a vintage '70s shampoo commercial! That amused me greatly, so I did it!

The Alberto Balsam - Kinks Shampoo Commercial

Fun fun fun!