My Saturday has been entirely taken up by taking and processing photos -- a good, good thing -- but other than taking a short break to eat something and smile at the dog and the kids, I haven't been able to make something super-pithy for you today. Instead (and this might be better anyway) I will bring you some dumb YouTubes, because you like them and I like them and you like them. And I like them!

Next is "Trapped," possibly the worst attempt at writing a song ever. Notice when this dumbass kid swears, he quick looks around to see if a parent heard him. Get off the internet and learn something useful, boy. NICE HAIR. I dub this, "Crapped."

And to make it all better, another wonderful '60s cover from Sam Chalpin form his LP "My Father The Pop Singer." Ladies and gents, "Satisfaction." I love this guy so much.

Here is a photo of a goat. See you later!