MissNine: Mom, you have a show tonight?

Me: (busily loading camera gear in bag) Ya, I'm shooting Elvis Costello at the Paramount.

MissNine: Can I go??

Me: Aw, no, honey, not this time. I'm sorry.

MissNine: Aw!!

Me: Next time for sure.

MissNine:'re pretty busy right now?

Me: Yup.

MissNine: You want some help on your blog tonight?

Me: (smiling) Sure! Whatcha got for me?

(She leaves, and comes back with a drawing of her brother, Mr14, and some old homework that, to me, reads rather amusingly poetic.)

Me: Thanks, punkin!

MissNine: You're welcome.

Me: You're a good helper.

MissNine: I know.

(Translation: I scrape the fence with my nials. That boy is strange. I spray the windows with water. Throw the ball to me!!! My close shrink when ever I put them in the wocher. I squash the bean's. I scratch my leg when I nervose. Miss Walker is very strict. A King sit's in a throne.)