I love Batman. BUT ONLY ONE BATMAN AND THAT IS ADAM F-IN' WEST, PEOPLE! Not only was the 1966 Batman TV series fresh, funny, colorful, and cool, it had the BEST THEME SONG EVER form Neil Hefti. How could I not love it?? It was like Kinks crossed with the Ventures sprinkled with Mitch Miller. Genius! The Batman Theme is one of those songs that you simply must play when you first pick up a guitar, even if you like Rush or Lil Wayne or Andres Segovia or something. It's irresistible in its glorious stupidity.

Today I'd like to bring you a few awesome and awkward Batman Theme covers from the intertubes. I bet they make you want to do the frug and yell "BATMAN!" out your window. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAAAAAAAAAN!

I particularly enjoy how these youngsters are set up, with the guitarist standing on a cement block for no real reason, and the drummer setting his toms nearly vertical.

Continuing on with the inexplicable, apparently this guitarist is naked beneath his axe. I wonder if he realizes he is mooning the poster of Jimi Hendrix behind him.

This Aeolian player piano roll does a very fine boogie woogie style "Batman." I also nearly collapsed from laughter when I saw the words come up on the right side of the roll. Watch and see.

Did you know that the Flaming Lips covered the Batman Theme? Now you do! GO!

And finally, very possibly my favorite version of EVER...ladies and gentlemen, from the long-playing record "My Father The Pop Singer," here are the very special stylings of Sam Chalpin!