If you are willing to get your fingertips a little dusty and have surrounding shoppers look at you a bit curiously, a good time can be had rummaging through your local thrift stores to find...interesting...record album covers of the past. There's nothing like holding 12 square inches of graphic improbability in your hands while someone else behind you is considering adding to their fake Hummel collection. Let's go!

If you'd like to see these in larger detail, click on them!

Jerry Vale's "Santa Mouse" was given to me by my grandma when I was five years old, so I have some history with the guy. But this cover just puts me in confusion. Is that Jerry's daughter, or his wife? Why are they asking where the playground is while looking at the bleachers at a baseball stadium? Who ate up all that popcorn? Who the hell is Susie and why would she know anything? Does James Taylor disapprove of the whole thing?

What more could you want? Happy days are here again...AND IN STEREO!!! JOY!!!

Mercy, mercy, indeed...because Buddy Rich got caught up in the "let's appeal to those hippie kids buying all the records and get Buddy in a Nehru jacket, baby!" marketing fail from what has to be 1968. I don't even have to check. HAS to be.

You only WISH, like Earl Grant here, that you too could snap your fingers and song titles would magically appear from them, not to mention have the personal style 'nads to rock the Swiss yodel hat, orange ascot and pocket handkerchief, and groovy medallion. WISH.

If I were so fortunate as to experience all that is "Gloria in person," I think I would ask her what she was staring at up there, and if she is hosting a hedgehog on her head. Perhaps she is eyeing up more hedgehogs.

I think this is probably in Portuguese so I don't know what it says, but I appreciate the arm-flourish and guitar-wield of the rider here.

Ladies and gents, meet the unheralded Godfather of Grunge, Perry Como!

AIEEEE! Lock your windows and doors, everyone! ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally for just doesn't get any more sartorially-sweet than Los Bukis. ¿Tienes awesome?