What do I like best about April Fools' Day every year? Honestly, me realizing that my birthday is in five more days and I get (HINT) cake and kickass presents. Don't prank me, bro -- I might punch you in the oh long johnson!

My second favorite thing about April Fools' Day is cool songs talking about fools. Please to enjoy!

The Impressions, "Fool For You"

Oh my goodness, this soul classic from 1968 is just sososososososo sexy. Curtis Mayfield's sublime falsetto and that driving, punctuated backbeat...oh my.

Elvis Costello, "You Little Fool"

From his 1982 baroque-pop masterpiece Imperial Bedroom, Costello pulls a Ray Davies-type lyrical turn, looking at an everyday situation with a perfectly-observed balance of detached anger and uncommon compassion.

The Cardigans, "Lovefool"

Surprised? I am too. This 1996 hit from Sweden's Cardigans is far poppier than my usual taste, but it's so damn catchy. Plus, I like Nina Persson's pretty voice and pretty face.

The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Deserves all kudos for all time for the best political line of any pop song, ever: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." This remains the definitive performance of it, from 1979's brilliant Who documentary "The Kids Are Alright."

The Main Ingredient, "Everybody Plays The Fool"

"OK, so you're heartbroken. You sit around mopin', cryin', cryin'. You say you even thinkin' about dyin'? Well, before you do anything rash...dig this!" Testify! Although I do admit when this was a hit in 1972, I thought, huh, not me man, I'm never gonna be a FOOL. HAHAHA! Oh, me.

Elvin Bishop, "Fooled Around and Fell In Love"

"Fooled Around and Fell In Love" from 1976 is a bittersweet, tears-in-your-beer perfect blue-eyed soul performance from Mr. Bishop. Could have easily been a hit for any of the top soul singers of the day. It's just a really great song.

The Manish Boys, "I Pity The Fool"

Vocals sound familiar? Yup, that's our pal David Bowie, in 1965 when he was still known as Davie Jones. Lead guitar sound familiar? Yup, that's our pal Jimmy Page, in 1965 when he was still known as...Jimmy Page.

Etta James, "Fool That I Am"

Ah, Miss Etta. Just take a listen to this. Etta James' gift, and more so than any of her formidable peers that I can think of, was her ability to truly connect emotionally with lyrics and melodies. Everything about what she does with this song is just breathtaking: phrasing, power, pitch, range, raw depth of feeling, cool professional control. Stunning, really.

Ray Brown and the Whispers, "Fool Fool Fool"

This Aussie British-Invasion-style band takes a cool jerk beat and pairs it with actual jerk lyrics about a boyfriend dumb enough to steal presents for his greedy girlfriend, landing him in jail. FOOL!

Mr T, "A-Team Fool Remix"

I don't think I need to elaborate further here. Mr. T rules the day. Quit your jibber jabber.