Oh, lookee here, fans of fine music and coffee, look what I GIFTED MYSELF, because I haven't KILLED ANYONE YET this holiday season!:

Marianne?, you say, Marianne...your coffee has "WILCO" on it.

Why yes it does, I reply.

Marianne?, you say, I thought Wilco is an American alternative country rock band based in Chicago, Illinois.

Well, yes, OK, yes, I reply, that is true, although I think that's an incomplete and possibly misleading internet description.

Mari?, you say, may we call you Mari?

No, I reply, no you may not.

I bought this fine limited-edition set because I love Wilco, I love coffee, and because I could. They are so nice that they even sent me TWO COOL FREE WILCO ITEMS too, HOO HAH!:

You may buy those cute Wilco mugs here, and you then may visit Intelligensia Coffee and cry in those mugs that you didn't get Wilcoffee like Marianne did, and that she won't let you call her Mari.