As we see out 2010, let us be thankful that we are none of these people or the people who had to deal with them. WOO HOO! Police Blotter Time! Happy 2011, everyone!


Order violation: A Kirkland woman reported that her ex-husband had given their five-year-old son a dead turkey head. The woman said that the turkey head was intended for her and her boyfriend. The woman also reported that the husband had violated several restraining orders. Police attempted to contact the 46-year-old man and could not. The woman said that she is afraid for the safety of her son. The ex-husband was eventually contacted and arrested.


Assault: A 44-year-old Redmond man was arrested for assault after he reached down the pants of a 18-year-old female victim and pulled out her underwear. The suspect was a stranger to the victim.


Mental: A Kirkland woman wanted to report the death of several animals that she had found on her property. The woman then started rambling about the coyote that probably killed the animals. It appeared that the woman might be suffering from other issues. She recently went through a divorce. She was provided with some resources that could help with her situation.

Reckless: Men with beards were seen driving recklessly on Highway 2 East.

Breaking and Entering: A Hungry Horse resident claimed that while her 10-year-old son was home alone, three teenage girls broke in and smoked cigarettes.

Suspicious: A woman made a late night report regarding her date with a “creepy” guy who managed to put down an entire “cold pack” of Mountain Dew that night.

Abuse: A Whitefish resident called in to discuss an incident that occurred 25 years ago where, reportedly, all the boys in a church were put in a kennel during the service.

Mental: A man on Highway 35 called in concerned that his phone had been tapped and that “mechanical dogs” may be watching him.

Nuisance: A resident of an apartment on Highway 35 reported that the untagged, rotting dead deer “sitting up at a table” near the door is starting to stink.

Mental: A man wearing all black and standing in the middle of Highway 35 was pronounced a road hazard.

Animal Control: Someone from Columbia Falls claimed they saw a Shetland pony “chewing” on a llama that was possibly dead. The llama, however, was not dead, but alive and playing with the pony when the animal warden arrived.

Public Urination: A Columbia Falls resident complained that their dad regularly urinates on the property.


Harassment: A Mercer Island man, 28, who plays basketball in a Stroum JCC league was harassed after a game by an angry opponent who made threats to injure, kill and start a fight.


Car prowl: A new pair of boots was stolen out of a car at a residence in the 4400 block of Ferncroft Road sometime overnight. An unknown suspect broke the rear passenger door window of the vehicle, a BMW. The boots were black leather, over-the-knee.


Theft: Items were stolen from Finders on S.E. 27th Street during open business hours on Dec. 4. The shop owner reported the theft at 10:03 a.m. Stolen items included a "Travel in Italy" book, a royal blue knitted beret, a necklace with gold links and pearls, and a large black Baggallini purse. There are no suspects in the case.


Burglary, Vandalism: On Dec. 13, sometime between 3 and 7 p.m. a house on the 8000 block of 45th Ave SW was burglarized. The unknown suspect(s) broke down two south-facing doors to gain entrance and stole $50 in silver dollars and a safety deposit key from the victim’s bedroom. The suspect(s), unable to find more loot, wrote, “You need more (expletive) to steal,” on the wall of a different bedroom.


Theft: Police cited Nathaniel Blake, 50, of Milwaukee, for theft after he stole an aluminum bakery cabinet from behind Sentry, 3255 Golf Road, on Dec. 11.


Vandalism: Someone damaged the door handle at the back of What Comes Around Goes Around, W230 S8725 Clark St., during the evening hours of Oct. 15.


Drunk, Disorderly: A woman on Van Zandt Drive reported that an unidentifiable intoxicated man with a dog was rummaging around her car, banging on her door, cussing and threatening to kill her. When deputies arrived, she realized the man was her boyfriend. Deputies gave the man a ride home.

Drunk: An intoxicated Bigfork man was arrested after abusing household furniture and fighting with his brother.


Assault: A woman near West Glacier claimed that after she yelled at her neighbor to get off her property, he tried to run her over with his snow blower.


Suspicious: A Ridgewood Drive woman reported that her ex-boyfriend called and claimed he would be driving his vehicle through her house in 10 minutes. She also said he has a history of ramming vehicles through the homes of his exes.

And finally…


Burglary: A woman returned home from work to find her living room window open. She entered the house and noticed blood on the floor. The blood trail led her to the kitchen and then to the fridge to discover that the burglar had stolen five pounds of beef. Officers were unable to find usable prints at the scene and there is no suspect in the case.