I try to utilize my time wisely, so while Mr12 was in his martial arts class this evening, I popped over to the local Tuesday Morning store. It's good for picking up odds and ends for Christmas.

While I was there...

-- as I walked in the door, two of the employees at the front counter were having a loud discussion about "skid marks." They were not discussing cars.

-- in the clearance section of this discount store, I found this, possibly the most disturbing Jackie Kennedy doll ever made. I did not know the woman apparently suffered from elephantitis:

I held myself together until the end of my shopping run, until one thing pushed me over the edge. In the Christmas section, while staring at all the gaudy holiday decor items, I realized that the song playing over the store PA was Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Morning Coming Down," one of the most depressing songs ever recorded.

As my eye caught the manic grin of a ceramic elf, I heard the line, "On the Sunday morning sidewalk,
wishing, Lord, that I was stoned." 
I then burst into huge spewing laughter and had to lean on my cart.