My mother, who was born on December 9, 1926, called me up this morning, taking a break from a year-end business meeting with her accountant.

Mom: Mari?

Me: Hey Mom!

Mom: Well, I just had to call you right now while I was remembering it...you MUST see the movie "Pirate Radio!" It's got the Kinks music ALL over it! I have to go back to my meeting now! I'll talk to you later!

Me: (grinning into the phone) Thanks, Mom! Bye!

Not to get too Freudian, but I think it's true: you spend your whole life living up to what your Mom gave you, or making up for what she didn't give you. The quality of the relationship you have with your mother colors everything you do, even when you are old enough to think it doesn't matter, or after she is gone.

My Mom, out of so many good things in my life, is the best piece of luck I ever had.

"Pirate Radio" movie trailer