Cleaning up after our roadtrip to Portland, a few straggler photos...

Of COURSE, we had to make a stop at the world-famous Powell's Bookstore. It may look unassuming from the outside, but HOLY CRAP, there's a lot of books in there. ONE MILLION, in fact. It was like a nerd maze winding through all the different sections, which was just fine by me. I liked that they combined used, collectible, and new books all in one place -- more independent bookstores should do that.

What were the chances that I would NOT spot a hipster at Powell's coffee shop? ZERO POINT ZERO!

We also had to stop at a Stumptown coffee location, home of my very most favorite coffee beans EVER, the delicious and effective "Hairbender." No finer cup of javee I have ever had anywhere. This particular location was so coffee-centric that they offered no food items, which is fine because hipsters only eat every seven days anyway.

MissSeven spent her time at Stumptown drinking an apple Izzie soda and drawing with her novelty pencil obtained at the Kennedy School.

On the road back to Seattle-ish. Look down and see...

Look up and see...Pe Ell?

! Yay!

A stop in Centralia, WA. to go to the Nike Outlet Store was a consumer fashion fail. Even I, Veteran Shopper, could not handle the extreme amount of bodies in there so we bailed and went to find lunch. I enjoyed this sign:

"Yeah, we're re-naming the restaurant. No, we aren't going to take the old sign down. No, we're not going to change the name on the sign. We're just going to black out the old name with 50 Sharpies and hope for the best." We didn't end up eating at the Black Hole. Bill & Bea's Drive-In it was. You cannot go wrong with a patty melt.

In the parking lot, you could buy the NONE MORE BLACK truck.

And then, do you know what happened? The kids bickered over Nintendo for a couple more hours in the car, the traffic was slow because it was Memorial Day, and we came home and I started the laundry. The End!