I had so much fun compiling the "Hit The Road, Jack" video post the other day, I thought I'd do another World Cover Version Overview with another classic song: Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock." Now, let's take a look at the iconic original, for both the song and the sparse, witty, and coolest-cat choreography (by Alex Romero) from the 1957 film of the same name.

I think it's reasonable to state that no one could do it better. But how I love the efforts.

I don't know what country this guy is from, but I am fairly sure that he's never heard the song before, because there are no words or chords particularly common to the actual song in his version. That doesn't stop him.

This guy does better on guitar, but once again the words seem to be...mushy. He also sounds like something is lodged in his throat and/or nose.

German singer Katy Karrenbauer is scaring me. On so many levels.

OH MY GOD, I had forgotten about Eilert Pilarm, "The Swedish Elvis!" Eilert, well, he loves the King so very much that he's released several homemade cassettes and a CD of his Elvis covers and performed over 600 concerts, retiring in 2002. This is a shame. I would lose my mind to see Eilert in action. I may remind you that Elvis is sacred to Eilert, and he's serious. Oh, Eilert.

Last one goes to this AWESOME Japanese traditional + Western orchestra...domo arigato, you wild mofos! HAHAHA!