I'm not angry about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm not frustrated or agitated or indignant.

All I am is sad.

We can point the finger at BP and Big Oil and Big Business and Apathetic Government endlessly. We can make predictions of the cost, the outcome, the impact, and demand restitution. There is no restitution that is going to mean a goddamn thing for this one. The loss cannot be comprehended now.

I am generally a positive and hopeful person. I believe that we find ways to pull together to solve problems, and that nothing is bad forever. I know there have been other major environmental disasters that good people have tried their best to make better, and they have done so.

I don't see an answer here. I see a dead, toxic space, its impact creeping onto land, making huge and once-beautiful and richly diverse areas spaces only for ghosts.

Blame Halliburton, blame the politician's lined pockets, blame them all for their greed and recklessness if it makes you feel better.

Every single one of us is to blame. Our consumption of energy is outrageous, our denial of the consequences foolish, irresponsible, and criminal, our weakness in not standing together and DEMANDING we find a replacement for oil pathetic. Look at the cost! Terrorism, corruption, a mangled planet, ruined and lost human, animal, and environmental lives. Things gone that can never be replaced.

It was bound to happen. Don't feign surprise -- you helped write the final act of the play. You...and me.