This bystander-shot video from an anti-SB 1070 rally in Tempe, Arizona, to me, speaks for itself. But if you don't think it does, I'd be more than happy to translate it for you.

"We embrace the Hispanic culture: we love the influence, the cuisine,the music, the architecture, the art. This is not about race, this is not about skin color,it's about the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE OF THE AMERICAN FLAG and this nation!"

Reality Check: "Sure, we like it when Mexicans serve us their good food, play us mariachi music while we get smashed on shots of tequila, and add some visual flair to our absolutely desolate desert. But those folks should know their places. It's about the WHITE OF THE AMERICAN FLAG! Because, whenever I claim that I'm not racist, I'm really telling you that I am totally racist."

"It's not about hate, it's about love...the love of the people inside our borders."

Reality Check: I hate Mexico.

"My kid can't even get a scholarship to go to college, while I'm sending an illegal alien on a full-ride to Texas A&M...GIMME A BREAK! GIMME A BREAK!"

Reality Check
: My white kid is stupid, like me, all white and stupid.

"Can you hear us now, MEXICO? Huh? MEH-HEE-COH?" "What part of 'no mas' do you 'no comprende'?"

Reality Check: I'm mocking the Spanish language because I'm pretty sure you Mexicans have been making fun of me to my hateful face for years with that gibberish.

"This not YOUR's MY LAND!"

Reality Check: As a white dude, I'm totally freaked out by the rising multi-racial population projections, and don't want to see the day where Manuel tells ME I missed a spot with the lawn mower over there.


Reality Check
: "All our ancestors were immigrants at one point, but who cares! We're here now and that's all we care about! Take your filthy foreign culture and get out! Or at least make us a cheap burrito on your way!"

Another reality check: substitute any other nation or racial group in these proclamations, and see how it feels to you. Uncomfortable, I hope.

Using the leverage points of a battered economy, a totally failed drug war, rising crime, and fear of terrorism, the backers of SB-1070 knew they could get enough creepy crackers and their bitter racist rage to fuel support for an unconstitutional law. Do I think that SB-1070 is nothing but nasty old-style Southern legislation to deny civil rights to a large underclass? Yep.

This is not the answer, jackasses.