Oh, dear. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is once again brewing up controversy. It seems like every time she opens her trap, her "tough talk" comes back to her like vomit out a speeding car window. This doesn't seem to deter the tiny leathery leader, though, even though anyone with a basic understanding of speech psychology knows she's a bluffing blowhard. I will explain.

As reported by CNN today, Gov. Brewer stated her opinion, twice, that the majority of illegal immigrants coming into Arizona from Mexico are "drug mules." Now, common sense and an understanding of the history of U.S. immigration would prove that quickly wrong. There are drug traffickers, absolutely, but most people making the risky and difficult crossing are people who simply want some sort of regular work. Even the National Border Patrol Council, a union representing thousands of border patrol agents, is coming out against Brewer's claim, and those are the folks who should know. Instead of making some kind of token effort while the world spotlight is on Arizona to TRY to not appear completely ignorant and racist, Brewer takes it up a notch. Here are some of the giveaways in her words that tell you she is trying very hard to get support for her demonizing-the-Mexicans agenda, highlighted:

"Well, we all know that the majority of the people that are coming to Arizona and trespassing are now becoming drug mules."

"The simple truth is that the majority of human smuggling in our state is under the direction of the drug cartels, which are by definition smuggling drugs." 

"It is common knowledge that Mexican drug cartels have merged human smuggling with drug trafficking."

No, Jan. We don't all know. It's not the simple truth. It's not common knowledge.

You are lying.

And lay off the sun a little. Looks awful, and you wouldn't want to get mistaken for one of those drug mules.

(photo courtesy CNN)